Review: Berserk (2016) – Episode 8

“Allies infected by fear are even worse foes than the enemy.”

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’d taken a bit of a sabbatical from the bloodsoaked medieval hellscape of Berserk, Kentaro Miura’s epic violent fantasy being much more satisfying in large chunks that 20 minute intervals with a week between. But 11 episodes have aired in Japan now and I’m ready to get back on the (rape) horse, and I’m bringing you with me! Presenting our review of Berserk Episode 8!

We rejoin our heroes in the heretics’ sex cave as Guts rescues Casca and Nina from the blasphemous sex cult that were about to sacrifice Casca to their goat headed, snake penised sex god. Sex! With the Holy Iron Chain Knights both awed by Guts’ prowess in battle and beset by the demon army still opposing them, Isidoro makes good his escape through a back entrance at Guts’ behest with Casca, Nina and (of course) Puck in tow.

Guts goes mano a mano with the Goat Apostle, reaching into his seemingly infinite weapon satchel and connecting his repeating crossbow to his metal arm, though his offense does little in the way of damage to the beast, Guts damn near losing his other eye in a close encounter with one of the demon’s horns. Guts’ bombs finally do the trick though, blowing half of the monster’s face off and creating enough of a diversion for The Black Swordsman to completely behead the fiend with his mighty dragonslayer.


As the Knights continue to be dominated by the possessed hordes, Farnese retreats at Azan’s request. Serpico, meanwhile, catches up to Guts on a narrow cliff and attempts to engage the hulking swordsman, the treacherous terrain more suited to Serpico’s deft fencing style than the man sized slab of iron that Guts calls a weapon. Guts defends admirably while Serpico taunts him, enraged by his inability to draw his sword, Guts catches Serpico’s saber with his bare hand and shatters it with his metal one to the nimble fencer’s ultimate dismay. Serpico uses his agility to sidestep Guts, stealing some his bombs on the way by, and barely makes it past the Black Swordsman and back to the other Knights with his life intact.

Farnese chides said Knights for letting The Black Swordsman slip away once more as Isidoro, Nina and Casca make their way back around the mountain to the Knights’ location, and Joachim (Remember him?) spills the beans as to their whereabouts. Casca’s muscle memory as a soldier serves her well in an attempt to escape, but it’s not enough to save her and Nina from being apprehended by the Knights as Isidoro ungracefully struggles to climb down. isidoro returns to Guts empty handed and the swordsman is understandably enraged, witnessing the Holy Iron Chain Knights clear the area from down the mountain, Casca in chains amongst their number.

At Mozgus’ monastery, his grotesque henchmen lead Nina to his horrific torture chamber, punished for her cowardace, as Puck searches for a way out and Casca is imprisoned alone. Guts, Isidoro and Luca make their way to them by nightfall as an all too familiar demonic presence looks on.


Guts and Farnese come face to face in the enemy stronghold! Skull Knight! The Behelit Apostle! Exclaimation Points! Berserk!


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