Review: Band Aid

“If you don’t know her name today, you will soon enough.”

Years from now, Band Aid will be remembered as the coming-out party for Zoe Lister-Jones. Sure, the 35-year-old New Yorker currently stars on the CBS sitcom Life in Pieces, but Band Aid is on a totally different career-altering level. Lister-Jones pulls off the Hollywood trifecta – writing, directing and starring in this film that has immense potential to resonate with couples all across America.

Band Aid is a film about a married couple teetering on the brink of divorce. Anna (Lister-Jones) and Ben (Adam Pally) fight constantly – and impressively – and have little going on in their personal or professional lives. Their issues range from a sink full of dirty dishes and Ben’s general laziness to a failed book deal and Anna’s recent miscarriage.

Motivated by an impromptu concert using kids’ instruments, Anna and Ben decide to start a band. They agree that their frustration will fuel the music and that the song lyrics will come directly from their fights. It’s a crazy idea – and it works, both in the sense of the movie and in the eyes of the viewer. Anna and Ben can sing, they can play guitar and thankfully they can count on neighbor Dave (Fred Armisen) to play drums. Armisen is the perfectly stoic, sweet and strange complement to Anna and Ben and, as a unit, the band begins to thrive.

Along the way, Anna and Ben grow closer and their problems begin to disappear, although there are bumps in the road, of course. But through the highs and lows for the band and in the personal lives of the characters, Lister-Jones shines in every possible way. The movie is well written, the comedic timing is terrific, the plot manages to be interesting despite being somewhat ridiculous and the movie, as a whole, is a winner.

Band Aid is not a pure comedy, although it will make you laugh. And it’s not a sappy chick-flick, although it may make you cry. It’s simply a well-written, well-directed and well-acted movie, and the credit goes to Lister-Jones. If you don’t know her name today, you will soon enough.


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