Review: Aborted – Bathos EP

“A descent to madness…”

With only 16 months at their backs since the release of their lauded 2016 LP “Retrogore”, Belgium’s hardest working gore grinders return with “Bathos”, a new two song EP that will most likely set the tone for their next full length, just as the prior “Termination Redux” did for “Retrogore”

Title track “Bathos” storms in with a more groove inflected attack than we tend to expect from Aborted, but of course it isn’t long (55 seconds in, in fact) before their kitchen sink ethos brings total tech death chaos upon the listener, the band’s signature high/low vocal prowess, bludgeoning blastbeats and acrobatic riffage as satisfyingly abrasive as ever, piling on some eerie synths on top for good measure. Second track “Fallacious Crescendo” more than lives up to its name, a blasphemous mile a minute tirade that doesn’t mince words or sounds, with a pure wall of double bass leaving just enough room for some neat speed picking dynamics and a kick ass solo amongst the gurgling vocal pathos. Ending with a truly epic orchestral death march towards hell itself.

You’d think a band this prolific’s near constant stream of new material would become stale after a while, but Aborted keeps things interesting by slightly reinventing their attack without abandoning the bedrock deathgrind bonafides of their devastating sonic ideals. More, please.

“Bathos” is available now.


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