[RECAP] Yellowcard at Electric Factory 11/12/16

“Rest in peace…”

Twenty years is a long time for many things in life including relationships, employment, etc. Now imagine being in a group of people who you share small quarters, everyday activities and musical taste with. Twenty years is a long time to be in a band especially one who spent their time grinding on the road giving blood, sweat and tears.

Yellowcard at one point hit mainstream rock charts during the prime of the “emo/pop punk/screamo aka whatever you want to call it” genre in the early 2000’s. After that they went through some lineup changes, label moves and hiatuses. Even through all of that they kept turning out record after record, exploring different sounds while still keeping that essential vibe that makes Yellowcard. But as the saying goes “All great things must come to an end”, as this is the last time Yellowcard took the stage in Philly.

In June Yellowcard announced that they would be releasing a new, self-titled album in September but the news came with some sorrow as the band also followed that news with a heartfelt note to the fans that have been there throughout their career. That note was a goodbye to the fans, a sincere note that explains it was time to end something that five individual musicians created and spent a portion of their lifetime creating. Yet there was some solace as the band announced a massive world tour to celebrate the life of Yellowcard and the fans that crossed the globe. Yellowcard was riding off in the sunset, but not until they went out in one last pop punk blaze of glory.

Yellowcard hit the stage at the Electric Factory with full force by opening with some of their most energetic live tracks like “Lights and Sounds” and “Way Away”. Singer Ryan Keys thanked the crowd for being here to see them one last time and assured the crowd that this would be a night to remember.


The bands set included songs throughout their discography including earlier tracks like “October Nights’ and tracks off of their last release like the fitting “Rest in Peace” and “A Place We Set Afire”.


When a band goes on a final tour you want them to hold nothing back and perform with everything they’ve got left in the tank. Yellowcard did that, they played all the crowd favorites with the same energy they had when they recorded them years ago. The band looked and performed like they were a new fresh band, not one that has been around for twenty years. They tore through a twenty four song set list, over two hours, with the same passion and heart that makes Yellowcard.


They gave the fans the perfect encore and ending as they closed out with “Only One” and “Ocean Avenue”. They thanked the fans for their support and love through the best and worst times. It’s hard to see a band end their career but it is a part of life. What makes it easier is seeing a band go out like they came in; fast, loud and having you sing along the whole entire time.


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