[RECAP] The Used at Electric Factory 5/4

“In Love and Death”

Being a band for 15 years is quite an achievement these days, especially one that formed during the boom of the Emo, Post Hardcore, Screamo (Insert any title you want) Era. The Used, hailing from Utah, just happened to be one of those bands and to celebrate the milestone they set out to tour their two quintessential albums, Self-Titled and In Love and Death. The Used would play two nights in each city, an album each night, to their fans that have been with them since the beginning.

Tonight was Night Two at the Electric Factory which saw the band tear through their classic album “In Love and Death” to a packed house. Fans lined up for a few blocks waiting for the doors to open. After opening act, The New Regime, finished their pulse pounding set the crowd started to stampede their way to the stage hoping to get the best view.

the used 4

When the lights finally dimmed and the house music stopped, an eerie voiceover came on and the stage was lit by a single red heart. The crowd erupted as they knew the show was about to start.

the used 3

Singer Bert McCracken and the rest of the band came out with pure intensity opening the night with the opening track, “Take It Away”. The crowd didn’t miss a beat as they sang along, sometimes even loud then Bert. Before the band continued with their set, Bert took time to thank the crowd for being here and being there for them throughout the years. He explained how this album deals with a lot personal demons, (drugs, alcohol and heartache) and how he has been sober for four years and in a better and humble place.

the used 2

After slowing things down with tracks like “I Caught Fire” and “All That I’ve Got” the band turned it up with some of their heaviest tracks like “Listening” and “Sound Effects and “Over Dramatics”. Justin Shekoski (former member of Saosin) is a perfect addition to the band. His guitar skills and shredding ability gave a new twist to those classic songs recorded before his time in the band.

the used 1

After closing the album with “I’m Fake” the band left the stage only to return to play a fan favorite “Pretty Handsome Awkward” to end the night. It was a night for celebrating the past and what helped them get to where they are now. The present and future is bright for them and for Bert with his new direction in life. Even though they have been around for fifteen years they show no signs of slowing down and they have reignited their passion and love for music that they started back in 2001.

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