[Recap] Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats at Union Transfer (9/13)

“There’s a man in the dark… waiting for blood.”

The cool winds of fall began to whip around the Philadelphia streets on Sunday night, the perfect atmosphere for The Night Creeper to make his way to Union Transfer. UK Psychedelic Doom Rockers Uncle Acid brought their blood and guts fury in full force, favoring the faithful with an incredible set in front of a packed house.

Local retro rockers Ecstatic Vision opened the show with a raucous performance of extended jams accentuated by a multi-instrumentalist who switched between a flute and saxophone throughout for some real Bleeding Gums Murphy action.


They were followed by Jersey’s female fronted death-doom typhoon Ruby The Hatchet, highly impressive in a too-short set of super-heavy crunchers. Definitely one to watch.


After a short break Uncle Acid took the stage, leading with the deafening Night Creeper opener ‘Waiting For Blood”. The well-dressed Brits looked sharp in suits and high heeled boots but didn’t lack for punk energy, prowling and stomping along to hard hitting favorites like “13 Candles” and ‘I’ll Cut You Down”, along with new additions “Pusher Man” and “Inside”. After a short break the band returned to the darkened stage (made up like an alley Jack The Ripper might use to stalk his prey, with a brick wall backdrop, trash cans and lanterns) for an encore starting with awesome new single “Melody Lane” and closing with the classic “Withered Hand of Evil”, fully quenching the “Blood Lust” of the audience and setting them free to hunt their own victims in the black of night.


Mothers, lock up your daughters, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats have several dates left on their US Night Creeper 2015 Tour. Don’t miss them if they come through your town, they surely won’t miss you. Beware…

Photos by Megan Hawkey

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