[RECAP] Thursday at The Fillmore 3/30/17

“Can you feel a pulse? It’s been stopped for so long, let’s restart it!!”

It’s been nearly six years since Thursday fans felt that pulse. When the band dropped a heartfelt letter online back in 2011 declaring the end of Thursday, they left a void in the post hardcore scene that no other band has filled. No other band has matched their energetic stage presence and the stylistic song writing that makes Thursday originators. Many bands have tried to duplicate them, but the time has come for these originators to return. Thursday is back and stronger than ever before.

After announcing their reunion as a band and a rekindled friendship, Thursday played only handful of shows in 2016 including festivals (Wrecking Ball and Riot Fest) which helped to re-ignite the band. At the turn of the New Year however Thursday announced a Spring Tour, which on its second night saw them finally return to the Philly area.

As the band hit the stage at The Fillmore, which was lit up in purple lights and smoke, their classic tattered dove logo hanging on a banner, the only sound you could hear was the crowd cheering with a sigh of relief as they knew this wasn’t a dream.

When the first distorted guitar note hit in “For The Workforce, Drowning” the band opened up their ferocious stage presence like they never took six years off. Not once during classic tracks like “Cross Out The Eyes” and “Signals Over The Air” did it sound like the band was rusty. These guys, now dads and some rocking grey hair, sounded like the first time I saw them back in 2002. The energy was the same, and the vocals and musicianship between these gentlemen was nothing short of perfection.

Thursday has always been a band that stood by their beliefs and standing up for what was right. On the stage banners were hung up saying “Refugees Welcome Here” and even proceeds of their poster sale went to the ACLU. Singer Geoff Rickly made comments during their set about the state of the nation and the puppet we have running it but I’m not going to get political here. The show was about the music and the return of legends.

Thursday’s set was full of fan favorites and even some deep cuts like “Beyond The Visible Spectrum” and “Circuits Of Fever”. The highlight of the night was the powerful B Side track “Jet Black New Year” which saw the crowd sing along during the epic countdown and as it hit the number one, confetti canons let loose streams of red  throughout the crowd. As the band ended their set and walked off the stage you could see the joy and a new resurgence on their faces: they were back and that there was more to come.

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