[Recap] Thrice & Circa Survive at The Electric Factory on 11/24/17

"...one of the most enthusiastic musicians out there right now."

So I guess you could say Balance and Composure, was…balanced and composed… No but really, they did have a smooth and  clean sound that was very easy to listen to. I have never heard them before but they were certainly pleasurable.

Chon is a technical, unique, and instrumental group with hints of west coast influence.  I thoroughly enjoyed their set and even with the technical riffs, they were clean and relaxing. Something you can just close your eyes and escape into.

Thrice always takes me back to the good old days of post hardcore. Off topic, but the first time I saw Thrice, they opened in Philly with almost no one around watching them.  They started playing and we all looked around like, is this real life?! The energy surged through the room and many people started running in.  I was so blown away how good they were and how I hadn’t heard them before. I went straight over and bought their albums and proceeded to blast them to this very day, like actually right now. Back on track, although their sound has shifted a bit since the late 90s early 2000s, nonetheless, still an outstanding set. They played many relaxing songs, but still made sure to blast the oldies.

Circa Survive, Anthony Green specifically,  in my opinion, is one of the most enthusiastic musicians out there right now. His high energy and passion elevates everyone in his presences. I have never seen a bad or boring Circa show, and this was no exception. Green even brought his sons out on stage to have fun and break-dance. Not only that, he saw a father with his young daughter in the crowd and had them pulled out of the pit and up on stage to watch. All night high fiving crowd surfers and anyone that got close enough. I was slightly bummed about the lighting, which was even darker than normal, but that just meant I didn’t get the action packed photos I wanted. I still can’t complain about the show though, all in all another amazing night of music.

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