[RECAP] Tegan and Sara at The Fillmore 11/3

“A little bit closer…”

Tegan and Sara released their eighth studio album, Love You to Death, in June; with it came festival appearances around the world before a North American tour. On Thursday November 3rd, they stopped in Philadelphia to play at the Fillmore. They had numerous opening acts during the different legs of the tour but this night it was TORRES.


TORRES is the name singer songwriter Mackenzie Scott performs under. Her lyrics are raw and emotional. She has help from a backup band to add distortion to guitars and vocals giving the music a grunge and lo-fi feel. Many of her songs have some sampling and synth parts that may be reminiscent of earlier Tegan and Sara albums.


Since this was an album tour, most Tegan and Sara’s set list was from Love You to Death. Like their previous record, Heartthrob, Love You to Death is a pop album so for most of the night Tegan, Sara, the band and audience danced and sang away. Many songs from Heartthrob were also included in the set.


Every few songs an older song or two popped up. Songs like “Alligator” and “Walking with a Ghost”, which were originally guitar driven but also had synths, were played without the guitar. Piano and synth replaced some parts and electric guitar driven “Northshore” also got the same treatment. But with their sound and composition it works and sounds amazing. Midway through the set they did a few acoustic songs from their album The Con to much excitement from the crowd. “The Con” and “Call It Off” were performed with just Tegan and Sara. But they pulled the rest of the band back on for “I was Married” and “19”.


Throughout the whole show they interacted with the crowd. During “The Con” Tegan had the audience sing parts of the song. They are well known for their hilarious banter and stories and they did not disappoint. They have toured through Philadelphia many times through their careers so of course they had some funny stories to tell. While they are not a political band they are personally very vocal on social and political issues, so it wasn’t a surprise when Sara encouraged the audience to go out to vote as part of their banter. They included a good variety of songs from their albums. If you were a fan of indie Tegan and Sara you had a lot to look forward to, but even newer fans had a lot to be excited for. There was a little bit for everyone.


Words & Photos by Jamie See.

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