[RECAP] Spider-Man! A Bare and the Bold Burlesque Tribute at Franky Bradley’s 6/11


Coming into this show I knew I was going to be in for something special. The first thing I was greeted with upon arrival at Franky Bradley’s was J. Jonah Jamison. Complete with comical cigar, oversized mustache and 8×10 prints of Spider crimes, it was rounded out by it being the stage kitten debut of America Online @ Aol.com. I’m gonna be honest, this whole show was beyond fun, and I have had trouble finding the right words to properly praise these folks!

The show started with producer/creator of The Bare and The Bold Burlesque Sharp Robert. Beginning with books, Sharp lead us through the beginnings and eventual changes to his character, Dr. Otto Octavius. Complete with Doc Ock’s signature tentacles, he emerged, ready to fight the Web head himself. Seriously, he has production value.

With that introduction to the show, it was only natural for a slightly obscure character to come out and greet the crowd in the form of Kraven The Hunter, or the host of The Bare and Bold, Mr. Flirt Vonnegant. Dressed in his leopard vest and a nana’s fur, he does what he does best, leads us on a journey through our nerdy, sometimes rule 34 desires.

From there, we were greet by the Black Cat herself, or in this case, the Flying Squirrell of Burlesque, Tiell! With a crack of a whip, a clear command of the audience, and a gorgeous costume, which is Liberty Rose made, Tiel started the show with a bang, and a Honeytree Evileye Spider-Man to add to a pow, and a chair dance for that extra boom.

Continuing on the Villains trend, emerging from the shadows was none other than The Amazing Brettzo as the Green Goblin. With it being his birthday, Brettzo took to the stage in green glitter and once again dazzled and weirded us out before pumpkin bombing the audience. And then J. Jonah Jamison brought the Green Goblin a cake. Villains celebrate Birthdays too, after all.

The night only continued to get even more intense with the introduction of Venom. With the very familiar sounds of Deftones’ “Change” and a Richard Nixon mask, Büm Büm Kapau erupted from her trench coat to reveal her symbiote covered body, and like Venom themselves, slowly rip and pull away the strains of her chemical infection in this Golden Tassel Jawn nominated number.

Please forgive my lack of a better photo, I honestly flipped out at the reveal, as a fan of the Symbiote and Venom, I honestly was so excited to see this number.

Which brings us to the heroes section of the show. I didn’t know what to expect when you watch the a hoop being suspended above the Franky Bradley’s stage, but if the first half of the show was any indicator, we were in for something amazing. And honestly, words fail to describe what we all witnessed.

Sara Soda wowed the crowd with an amazing aerial tribute to Spider Gwen. She took to the sky, literally hanging, spinning, stripping all at once at times, just leaving the audience in awe. Myself included. Just gob smacked, even spilling my beer reaching to tip even more. Seriously though, this show was almost too good and it wasn’t over.

Then, after being both physically moved from our seats in excitement, we were moved emotionally. When Pilar Salt took a seat on the stage, as none other than Aunt May, and began her monologue about how she voted for 45. But not before tugging at heart strings, bringing the audience to a still, and recounting memories that a lot of us in the audience may have had themselves with their caregivers. I won’t deny texting my own mother, whom I have a somewhat distant relationship with, and told her “I love you” after listening to Pilar.

From the serious, to the more playful, emerged the love of Peter Parker’s life, Mary Jane Watson. Elegantly portrayed by Pizza Wolf, Mary Jane led us through an undressing in her room, when the Spider-Man appeared. Playful, with the dulcet sounds of April Stevens in the background, Pizza elegantly brought us into the final act.

Briefly featured in Pizza Wolf’s performance, Otis Peña took the stage and quite literally brought the house down. Much like the actual Peter Parker, Otis climbed the rails, split, spun and hung from the rafters above Franky Bradley’s stage, all to the theme of Spider-Man.

It’s not hard to see why this entire cast were nominated for the Golden Tassel Jawns. This show was beyond fun and every single performance of the night was amazing. It was very hard to find the right words to describe how fantastic this show was. Pasties were popped, beer spilled, the crowd was shook, and we all got to see something we didn’t think we needed, but most certainly did.

Check out the Golden Tassel Jawns, and see Sharp Robert, The Amazing Brettzo,  Tiel, and Pizza Wolf as they perform for Best Boylesque and Sploosh of The Year! Find out who wins while they raise money for Project Safe at The Golden Tassel Jawns at Club Ruba on June 16, starting at 9 pm. And check out The Bare and The Bold’s next production, Vertigo! On July 16th.


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