[RECAP] Sheena and Thee Nosebleeds, Wyldlife, Frankie + The Studs and Biters at Voltage Lounge 6/3

…Punches hard with a strong female lead that would make Joan Jett proud…

I did not know what to expect with this show,  Rock? Glam? Punk?  I had little time to prepare and did not know any of the bands playing, but sometimes that’s just what you need. Going to an unknown show with no expectations can be liberating.  

Local band Sheena and Thee Nosebleeds opened with an array of sound and styles. They had a doom, stoner, blues, grungeish, feel with a bit of soul thing going on, all circling around rock and roll. Certainly a unique set that was definitely a pleasant surprise.

With taglines on their Facebook “Like a leather boot filled with Hawaiian Punch.” how could Wyldlife disappoint, right? These punks from NY shook the rock and roll roots with a crusty punky attitude. Frontman Dave amplified the house with vocals and stage manners that take you back in time to drink and dance all night.  I would love to see these guys again.

Frankie + The Studs punches hard with a strong female lead that would make Joan Jett proud.  This band nods to the beginning of glam from the rock of today. As you can see, they know the look, and I assure you, the sound was spot on. I thoroughly enjoyed how authentic it felt while delivering their own signature style. Keep an eye on this band as they rock their way around the county.

Sadly I had to miss most of Biters set, but from what I was lucky enough to catch they delivered the rock and they sure had the glam. I would have loved to have been able to stay, but I had a train to catch and an early morning.

Until next show, cheers!


Anthony Jacobsen - Flash Caster, Time Marauder, Outdoor Rambler. Find him on instagram @antjacobsen or email antjacobsen@gmail.com
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