[RECAP] RX Bandits at The Troc 10/11/16

“…And The Battle Begun…”

Here we go again, another 10 year album anniversary tour. I feel like this is a new trend that has been sweeping the club scene for the past 4-5 years. I’m not complaining as I thoroughly enjoy them, however at the same time I feel like these tours are either cash grabbing tours or “let’s get back together and try to relive our glory days” tours. Well, maybe also it’s because these tours make me feel old as all these bands remind me of my college years.

For me, the RX Bandits were a band that came out during a time where emo, pop punk and post hardcore bands like Thursday, Taking Back Sunday and New Found Glory were dominating the college radio stations. Even though they were at one time on the same label as New Found Glory and other pop punkers, their sound was far from those other bands. I listened to a few of their albums in college but they never were one of my favorites, they reminded me of a jam band and that style of music was not my cup of tea.


This brings me to what I experienced while attending the RX Bandits “And The Battle Begun” 10 year anniversary show at the Trocadero. Let me start by saying those two theories I have for anniversary shows have nothing to do with the RX Bandits. This band came out to the Philly crowd to put on one of the most energetic shows I have ever been a part of. They were here to perform an album that unites the band with their fans.


As the crowd waited and chanted for the Bandits to come onto the stage all you could see was a backdrop of their album cover lit up on the stage. After their intro concluded, the crowd exploded as the opening, title track kicked in. For a band that I lumped into the jam band genre, RX Bandits performed nothing like that. They were thrashing around the stage, shredding riffs and head banging while playing. I even witnessed mosh pits during their set. Jam bands don’t have pits! They have hugging and hippy dancing.


Throughout their set the band declared their love for the Philly area and fans. Praising the town for showing them so much love every time they come to town. They even treated the fans with a little rendition of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’s classic song “Dayman”. If you have no idea what I’m talking about go search for it on Youtube…..you’re welcome.


The RX Bandits live show has completely changed my perspective of the band and now I need to dive into their whole entire discography. I highly recommend catching them while on tour for “And The Battle Begun” and check out the album as well.


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