[RECAP] Little Junior, Jay Som and The Courtneys at Boot and Saddle 3/31

“…the band couldn't help but smile…”

The first band of the night was Little Junior from Toronto, Canada. They started the night off right with loud, fast and to the point rock and roll to get the crowd going. They blew through their set one song right after another only pausing to introduce a song or to tune instruments. A number of songs were introduced and dedicated to haters but I don’t think there were any haters in the crowd. They ended their set with the song “Cry Baby”, about wanting to destroy their reputation rather than suck up to people they don’t care for. It was, of course, was dedicated to the haters.

After Little Junior’s very fast set, the 2nd band, Jay Som, slowed down the pace of the show. If I had to describe their sound it would be dreamy. The vocals are soft, almost like a whisper. The rest of the band are distinct but equal to not overpower the vocals. The band included elements of shoegaze and jazz. They played songs from old albums and from their newest one Everybody Works. While they didn’t interact much with the audience they were very thankful to be there and to play a sold out show. But a few people in the crowd did interact with the band during “The Bus Song” when they yelled part of the lyrics (which is yelled in the recording of the song) and the band couldn’t help but smile.

The final band of the night was The Courtneys from Vancouver, Canada. Unfortunately their main singer and drummer, Jen, was sick but that didn’t stop her from putting on a good show. The main reason their music caught my attention was the hard drums, very distinct and heavy bass and the blaring, fuzzy guitar. It is more apparent when they play live when they switch pedal effects or if you’re in front of the drums. And I’ve continued to listen to them for songs like “Lost Boys” about the vampires of The Lost Boys movie and “Mars Attack” about alien abduction. Most of the set consisted of songs off their newest album II with a few songs from their self-titled debut album. They ended their set with “Frankie” which is also the last song off their new album.


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