[RECAP] Le Butcherettes at Underground Arts 3/11/16

"You love me, you love me, now you want to kill me!"

Some bands make amazing records, some play epic live shows, some achieve both and then there are others that combine sound and fury into an another wholly otherworldly phenomena altogether. We first got a taste of Le Butcherettes during their opening run last year with the legendary Faith No More and were dying to see more of the fiery Guadalajara three piece. Fast forward to this past Friday and we finally got our chance, as Teri Gender Bender and co. fully engulfed The Black Box at Underground Arts with their infectious signature style.

Eureka The Butcher opened with an engrossing DJ set, filling the basement venue with soaring EDM soundscapes. LA alterna-pop quartet The Dead Ships followed with an agreeable collection of radio ready three minute masterpieces. Expect big things from these guys in the future.

Words fail to describe Teri Gender Bender’s stage presence. The iconic frontwoman enters the stage nonchalantly enough before snapping to life like a furious woman possessed behind the frilly red curtain under her keyboard, commanding the audience to fucking rock like a General at war. Smiles, frowns, pirouettes, screams and laughs are transitioned between in the blink of an eye as the future rock legend alternates between the side and center stage. She stomps and traipses in equal measure like some unholy offspring of Freddie Mercury and El Santo headlining a Quinceanera from hell, savagely attacking guitar, keyboard and microphone as if they’ve severely wronged her in some unspeakable fashion while her understandably overshadowed but incredibly capable and deft rhythm section oils the machinery on the band’s lethally catchy collection of neo-feminist anarcho-punk anthems.

Needless to say, if you get the chance to catch Le Butcherettes, especially in an awesomely small, packed, sweaty little venue like this, run, don’t walk. Say you were there before nations crumble and governments are overthrown before the oppressive might of pure unadulterated punk rock badass-dom, and Teri Gender Bender rules the entire earth with a red sequined iron fist.


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Photos by Megan Hawkey, Words by Kevin Hawkey

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  • Mike 95
    14 May 2016 at 11:54 am

    Great recommendation! Amazing Pictures too

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