[Recap] L7 at the Trocadero 9/11/15

“America thinks it should be proud…”

90’s Nostalgia got a combat booted kick to the face in Philly on Friday night, and I got to cross another group of grunge heroes off of my bucket list of bands to see before I die as LA riot grrls L7 returned to the Troc.

With feminist icons headlining the show, similarly minded local punks The Pretty Greens filled the support slot admirably. You could tell they were a little nervous, and their more poppy vibe didn’t really fit with L7’s more hardcore crunch, but they were big fans and very thankful for the opportunity, and their enthusiasm shone through during their short but entertaining set.

With just one opener there was no more time to waste before the main event, and the sold out venue erupted with energy as L7 attacked the stage with their signature groove-heavy chug. Their lengthy set hit all the highs of famous tracks like “Shitlist”, “Shove”, “Andres” and ‘Pretend We’re Dead”, as well as a bevy of deeper cuts for the devoted. The Band sounded positively huge on the Troc’s stage, impressing with the clarity and enormity of their sound. Each member was absolutely at the top of their game, trading vocals, stories and thanks to those in attendance. L7  left nothing on the stage, giving their fans absolutely everything in their performance, and the crowd gave it right back as the entire floor turned into an enormous pit towards the end of the set and the temperature in the building became almost unbearable. This was a rock and fucking roll show plain and simple. Pure and unadulterated.

Just as we felt about Marilyn Manson, Soul Asylum and Coal Chamber so far this year (as opposed to say… Filter or Foo Fighters), L7 is definitely worth fans’ time in 2015, an act that still feels vital, important and dangerous, and certainly not to be missed if they come through your town. Highly recommended.

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