RECAP: The Kills & Kim and The Created @ Union Transfer 04/11/2016

“You can’t escape!”

Ever since the commercial success of their album Midnight Boom in 2008, The Kills have become a prominent name in the indie garage rock scene. The album’s minimalistic and fun sound is what set the duo apart from other acts at the time, and since then the group has continued to grow well into their music over the decade since they formed. Ash & Ice, the band’s upcoming release, promises to expand on the duo’s already edgy sound, and judging by their performance at the Union Transfer last evening, it’s definitely going to not be one to look over.

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The Kill’s performance at the Union Transfer was opened by a group called Kim and The Created, made up of vocalist Kim House and her guitarist. Donning a bold, red catsuit, Kim dived into her performance of “Can’t Be.” The song had an almost joyful recklessness about it, similar to the punk sounds of bands like The Runaways. The vocalist also certainly didn’t mind pushing this rebellious vibe into the crowd either, with her going so far as to dive across the barricade at multiple points during the set, even throwing what looked like confetti up into the air at one point during their closing song “Get what I want.” This bold, entertaining performance quickly set up a stir in the audience, and it grew as time went for The Kills to come on.

Vocalist Alison Mosshart was the first to hit the stage, with the light slowly coming up from their dimmed state. Head held high, she greeted the audience while guitarist Jamie Hince followed, and the two struck the first chord of “No Wow” to kick off their set. As casual as the two looked, the duo completely immersed themselves in the intensity of the song, with Alison throwing a couple of headbangs once the kick drum notes blasted through the speakers. The band then went through other fan favorites such as “U.R A Fever” and teased fans with “Doing it to Death”, their single off “Ash & Ice.” There wasn’t a person not pleased in the audience that night, whether they had only heard the band’s new songs or preferred their older singles. The performances from Kim and The Created and The Kills were both passionate and creative, making it well worth the visit.


Photos and Words by Angel Park



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