[RECAP] Hello Shark and Alex Lahey at World Cafe Live 3/23

“If this Philly cheesesteak doesn't kill me... I'll be back”.

Love, responsibilities, taking care of yourself, heartbreak, not being as cool as your mother….and meat sweats. Serious and hilarious topics covered during the show of Philly indie band Hello Shark and Australian singer/songwriter Alex Lahey at World Cafe Live on March 23.

Starting off the night was Hello Shark. Singer Lincoln’s voice is soft and lethargic which fits with the band’s emotional lyrics. The chorus of “Jackson Browne” is “Baby, I’m delicate”. To “ Drake Night” about nostalgia and heartbreak from a past relationship. The band did break into a more political song, covering Viking Moses’s “Werewolves in the City”. A song relevant in today’s politics.

Alex Lahey starts off her set with a little banter on her and her crew’s adventure in trying Philly cheesesteaks before the gig. When a set starts off with talk about cheesesteaks and meatsweats you know its going to be a fun. This topic would pop up through the set from giving a shout out to Abner’s Cheesesteaks (this is where she and her crew went) in hopes of free cheesesteaks to a album title suggestion (a new album is in the works) to feeling bogged down and dehydrated through the set.

Since she only has one EP out right now called B-Grade University she played some newer songs that will hopefully be on her new album. One song, “Perth Traumatic Stress Disorder”, is about visiting a beautiful city only to be broken up with and now that city is associated with not so beautiful memories. Another song, “I Haven’t Been Taking Care of Myself”, is pretty self explanatory. She paced her set well, filling in parts with banter or a story before starting another song. She finished her set by saying “If this Philly cheesesteak doesn’t kill me… I’ll be back”. And I’m looking forward to it.

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