[RECAP] Goatwhore at Underground Arts Black Box 7/8/15

“When the heavens turn black... will you pray for the end?”

Over the years I’ve crossed paths with Goatwhore several times, opening for acts like Death legends Cannibal Corpse, the mighty Behemoth, and Glen Danzig’s re-animated Samhain last Halloween. I had yet to have the pleasure of seeing the New Orleans band headline a gig though, until last night, that is. And I’m happy to report that the blackened death vets were well up to the challenge, and then some.

Local Hardcore act Sunburster opened the show with a sludge-y, doom laden performance that sounded absolutely massive in the Underground Arts’ Black Box basement. Definitely one to watch. Up next were Seattle, WA’s Theories, another hardcore band, this time of the grind-leaning, schizophrenic Converge-esque variety. Another impressive group that I wasn’t previously familiar with and I’ll be looking forward to hearing more of in the future.

They were followed by fellow Seattle-ites, Black Breath, bringing more of a thrash and black metal influence to the previously hardcore only party, before Cleveland Ohio’s Ringworm took the stage back to crust inflected grind town with a hard hitting set that had fans spin kicking and picking up change throughout.


Goatwhore Frontman, Be-gauntlet-ed Air Guitar Master and Metal Hero Sammy Duet.

And finally it was well past midnight and time for the main event, Goatwhore attacked the stage with “Constricting Rage of the Merciless” opener “Poisonous Existence in Reawakening” and the eager crowd erupted into a giant pit. The blasphemous sermon continued for a lengthy set that comprised the band’s entire 15 year career and lasted well into the morning, including infectious crowd pleaser (and popular t-shirt slogan) “Fucked by Satan” and personal favorite “Baring Teeth for Revolt”. GW closed with “Carving Out the Eyes of God” lead track “Apocalyptic Havoc” and “Blood for the Master’s” “When Steel and Bone Meet” before thanking the fans for sticking around so late and heading off into the night.

No matter how many times I see Goatwhore they always manage to impress me a little bit more, and this time they’ve cemented themselves as one of my very favorite bands, and one I’ll never miss when their apocalyptic winds of destruction blow through town. There’s only a few more east coast dates on this tour but they’ll be at the GWAR-BQ in Richmond, VA on August 15th. Catch them if you can, you won’t be disappointed.



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