[RECAP] Faith No More at the Electric Factory 5/15/15

Friday night was EPIC

The first thing I think of when I hear the name Faith No More is their video for the song Epic, something that so perfectly encapsulates the 90’s. I admit that I never heard any of their full albums. I knew (and liked) the songs Epic, Midlife Crisis and We Care A Lot but for some reason I never thought to pursue them further. When I saw that they were coming to the Electric Factory, I decided to listen to their new album “Sol Invictus.” I knew right away that I needed to go to the concert.

Mexican Punk Rockers Le Butcherettes opened the show. The band, all donned in red, sounded amazing. Lead singer Teri Gender Bender made crazy faces as she sang, but the weirdness didn’t stop there, she later danced her way through the crowd (floor and balcony) while people photographed and poured beer on her. She returned to the stage with a bar stool that she squatted on while playing the keyboards. I was enamored with her. The only words she spoke in English the entire time were “Faith No More.”

Faith No More’s crew was dressed in all white while they tuned their instruments and placed flowers around the stage, songs like the Pink Panther Theme and Moon River played. The set up took so long the crowd started to scream “fuck you!” But the wait was worth it. The band took the stage similarly dressed in all white and started playing Motherfucker.

The flowers made photographing the band exceptionally difficult so I instantly hated them, but I have to admit that when I looked at the stage from afar, it looked pretty cool. Mike Patton circled the center while he sang, like he was working himself up.

The sold out venue almost seemed to shake as they band started playing Epic. Their set list included a cover of Easy by the Commodores (which was impressively good) and I Started a Joke by the Bee Gees. The night was in fact Epic.

If you missed this show, don’t fret. Faith No More will be playing the Skyline Stage at The Mann on August 1st. Tickets are still available here.

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Megan Hawkey is the co-founder of Riot-Nerd. She is a 34-year-old concert photographer. She lives in Fishtown with her supportive husband and their 2 rescued Pitbull mixes.
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