[RECAP] All Dogs, Pinkwash, Three Man Cannon, and Loose Tooth at First Unitarian on 3/5/16

"I still have something to say."

Ohio based quartet All Dogs is self described as a “loud rock band that plays pop songs.” Combined with the heavy punk vibes from supporting act Pinkwash and the folk infused jams from Three man Cannon and Loose Tooth, the group put on a show well worthy of their many DIY music supporters.

Philly based group Loose Tooth started off the gig, showing off their own blend of fibrous rock. Playing a few songs off their album titled, “Easy, Easy East” the band proved to have a knack for twisting their instrumentation in unexpected ways.

Loose Tooth 2 Loose Tooth

Next up was also another local band, Three Man Cannon.The band released their first album in 2014 via Lame-O-Records, titled “Pretty many People.” It was one that “returned indie pop to form” according to Noisey magazine. The group riffed through their delightful, folk-punk infused set, with tracks like “Skinny Chewy” being a favorite of the crowd. It was clear that the group’s growth into their own unique version of indie rock suited them well.

Three Man Cannon 2 Three man Cannon 3 Three Man Cannon

While both Loose Tooth and Three Man Cannon were mellower in tone, once Pink Wash arrived stage that all changed. The West Philly based heavy punk duo made sure to hit the crowd with their splintered, screeching rhythms, and ultra loud riffs. While the group only has an EP and a 7 inch released through Sister Polygon, their debut is set the release this spring.

Pink Wash 1 Pink Wash 2 Pink Wash 3

Lastly there was All Dogs. The group casually set stage and began their set with a track off their new album, “Kicking Every Day”, entitled “Not That Kind of Girl.” There was a pleasant, grungy sort of intimacy about the band’s performance, with vocalist Maryn Jones using her simple, honest lyrics to express the song’s complex themes of self-doubt and fleeting love. While it’s uncertain how far this trait will take the band, they’re definitely not ones to look over.

All Dogs 1All Dogs 2 All Dogs 3

Words and Photos by Angel Park

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