[RECAP] Chikara National Pro Wrestling Day 2017 at The Wrestle Factory 2/4

The rise of the Monkey and the return of the Mantis

National Pro Wrestling Day was set to be a monumental occasion, with a card full of hard hitting action and a tournament to crown a new Young Lions Cup winner, all wrapped up in a free show at Chikara’s Wrestle Factory in Northeast Philadelphia, to raise awareness for the great work done by The Superkick Foundation. But for me personally, and many in attendance no doubt, a surprise announcement from an unlikely source absolutely stole the show.

Ultramantis Black

An ominous pall fell over the crowd right before the main event took place as we were in the rarified company of the one and only Ultramantis Black. The great and devious one cut an amazing promo about fearlessly accepting change in one’s life, signaling not only his glorious return to active ring duty but also his mysterious possession of Chikara’s Grand Championship. The insectoid overlord has emerged with Chikara’s richest prize from a “lost” 17th season of content, now streaming at Chikaratopia. Leave it to Chikara to bend the very laws of time and space to bring its fans a storyline that’s impossible to predict. I know I’ll be watching with great anticipation.

Dasher Hatfield vs. Juan Francisco De Coronado

Race Jaxon vs. Missile Assault Man

The Force vs. The Closers

Officers Meloni and Magnum

Back in our own timeline, heroic Dasher Hatfield faced off against Juan Francisco De Coronado, Missile Assault Man fell victim to the handsome charms of Race Jaxon, evil prevailed as Worker, Fire and Silver Ant fell victim to Kobald, Hallowicked and Frightmare, and The Force gained revenge on The Closers for the hellacious beatdown Officer Barksdale received at the hands of Team Big Deal at the last Chikara event in Philly.

Whisper vs. Travis Huckabee

Travis Gordon vs. Fly Warrior

Space Monkey vs. Whisper

As the matches that comprised the Young Lions Cup took place throughout the day, valiant ape Space Monkey and shadowy newcomer Whisper defeated the likes of The Sea Stars, Hermit Crab and Cajun Crawdad, and many other brave warriors to find themselves face to face in the final match. Exhausted from the afternoon’s rigorous contests, our favorite spacefaring simian overcame the odds to best the mysterious young Whisper and become 13th Young Lions Cup winner! Ladies and gentlemen, the Chimp is here!

Space Monkey

This and an entire history of events, including the “lost” Season 17 are streaming now at Chikara’s official site, and to learn more about and donate to The Superkick Foundation visit them here.

Pictures by Megan Hawkey, Words by Kevin Hawkey

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