[RECAP] Chelsea Wolfe at Underground Arts 5/13

Into the abyss…

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Fresh off of her white hot, history making collaboration with hardcore royalty Converge at Roadburn Festival and a nasty throat ailment that saw her regrettably forced to cancel shows in Rhode Island and Connecticut, ethereal troubadour Chelsea Wolfe bounced back stronger than ever to a throng of mesmerized followers at a near sold out Underground Arts on Friday night.

NZ alt rock duo A Dead Forest Index opened the show with a unique set of heart rendingly earnest tracks from their debut record “In All That Drifts From Summit Downthe incongruity of the gentle, almost soothing vocal and guitar balladry of Adam Sherry and the near savage attack of his brother and drummer Sam made a unique and lasting impression.



After a lengthy changeover that left the crowd a bit restless, smoke began to rise as droning electronics emanated from the stage, the industrial tinged elements of Chelsea Wolfe’s multi limbed sonic assault brought to the forefront of the live presentation. The human element here is key though, the metal flavored goth dirges Wolfe is best known for exploding from the stage with a force even more powerful that on record thanks to her extremely talented backing band. The woman at the center is not to be underestimated though. You’d never guess Ms. Wolfe was just getting over being sick based on the otherworldly vocal prowess on display over a near 90 minute set. The audience bobbed, swayed and some even sung every word, enthralled in the wake of this truly vital, individual and uncommon artist.

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Chelsea Wolfe 1

Friday the 13th seemed like the perfect occasion to finally check out a Chelsea Wolfe show after being a casual fan of her genre hopping doom goddess persona for the longest time. After Friday night, consider me a full-fledged member of the ever growing and well deserved cult.

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Photos by Megan Hawkey, Words by Kevin Hawkey


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