[RECAP] Behind Deadlines, Fea and Bruiser Queen at Kung Fu Necktie 10/10/17

“It's Tuesday, let's party like it's Friday!”
Wise words to live by and a great line to start off a show. Starting off the night with some ska with a touch of pop punk was Philly based band, Behind Deadlines. Despite it being Tuesday and band members coming from work these guys played a energetic set. They jammed, danced around and played air guitar on their brass instruments. These guys had the most banter with Skylar, the trombone player, giving his band mates a hard time when they weren’t on stage when their set was starting, to mentioning that they would be touring in Brazil so if any of the audience *happened* to be there to go see a show.

Next up was Fea based out of San Antonio, Texas with their brand of music “riot grrrl Chicana punk rock”. So what does that mean for their music? Well there is the social, gender and cultural aspects of their lyrics. The lyrics are in English, Spanish or a mix of both. And their genre is definitely punk. I mention these points because it was what drew my attention when I decided to look them up. I’m a few years too young to have listen to riot grrrl as a teen but its influence still lives on in bands like Fea. With that being said they absolutely blew through their set. I say this in a good way. They were loud, fast, aggressive and they did not let up. While they may only have one album out they jammed their set with as many songs as they could. The only time they paused was when lead singer Letty Fea announced they were playing a new song that they had finished right before they started this tour. Hopefully there will be new material in the works after this tour.

Last band of the night was Bruiser Queen, made up of Morgan on the guitar and Jason on drums. The band mixes rock and roll with a little bit of pop, punk and something else I couldn’t figure out. The resulting music is something you can headbang, mosh or dance to. And the audience did a little bit of it all. Like Fea before them they packed their set with as many songs as they could. They have a few EPs and albums out but I would later find out that a good chunk of their set was from their soon to be released album Heavy High.

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