[RECAP] Andrew W.K. at The TLA 10/11/17

"I ain't got nothin' to lose..."
Given the privilege of speaking with the man himself a few months back, we were honored to join the non-stop party for ourselves as party metal iconoclast Andrew W.K. rolled his “The Party Never Dies” comeback tour into the TLA here in Philly on Wednesday night.

W.K.’s resurgence run has featured a revolving door of “special guests” in the opening spot, and the Philly date welcomed local gonzo garage grind heroes An Albatross. Frontman Edward B. Gieda III attacked the stage with a screeching fury that some audience members appeared to be taken aback by, but as the set went on the room as a whole began to appreciate AA’s fast paced synth fueled mayhem just as much as those of us already initiated. The band closed with a raucous cover of politically charged Dead Kennedy’s anthem “California Uber Alles”.

You wouldn’t expect a guy who’s constantly having as much goddamned fun as Andrew W.K. to run such a squeakily tight ship, but just as much as his ingratiating good time party vibe, I was impressed by the professionalism inherent in he and his full band’s overall stage presentation. Guitar solos with taco guitars, deuling keyboards, headbang worthy riffage and arena rock worthy (albeit in a much smaller venue) chant-alongs, Andrew W.K.’s traveling circus of hardcore happiness is like a large pizza and 12 pack of beer for your ears. Bands like Mutoid Man and Iron Reagan have kept the party metal fires burning but make no mistake, the King HAS returned.

Images by Megan Hawkey, Words by Kevin Hawkey



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