[RECAP] Amorphis and Swallow The Sun at Underground Arts 3/12/17

“…a perfect blend of doom, prog and death metal…”

Melodic doom metal certainly has an interesting following. We are an older and weathered group of metalheads who have grown to appreciative the creativity of the complex. The mood was calm and collective, and not the normal rabble rousing fervor of a metal show.

Swallow the Sun was steady, powerful, and mellow. Their brand of doom metal allows you to close your eyes and feel the somber melodies. Their set was solid, playing songs from nearly all their albums, for a great mix of the discography.

Underground Arts seemed to like their smoke machine, but it fit the mood for the most part of the show through their exceptional lighting. The venue overall is great, and the house was packed. Being up front, the sound wasn’t as clean as I would have liked, but there were plenty of spots to find the right acoustics.

Amorphis is a powerhouse. Really, they have a presence about them that just looms with the smoke that filled the room (continuously). The devotion echoed throughout the room as they paused to let the crowd enforce their lyrics. Their sound is unique, it’s a perfect blend of doom, prog and death metal, with slight undertones of folk.  Front man Tomi Joutsen sports a custom steampunk microphone and he billows mostly clean vocals, but can instantly change to death growls that fit the song.

The entire ensemble was amazing to finally experience live. Surprisingly, I find that melodic doom metal, Amorphis specifically, has almost the opposite effect on you than you would think.  Its energizing and calming, uplifting and mesmerizing. I was certainly not alone in my thoughts among the crowd tonight.

If you like any sort of melodic death metal, these two bands are a force to be heard and have nearly 20 albums between the both of them,  and that is a ton of metal for you to catch up on.

Anthony Jacobsen –

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  • Fay
    18 March 2017 at 1:58 am

    Awesome pics! I’m bummed I missed it.

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