[RECAP] 6Sex6 at Raven Lounge 5/30/17

Welcome to the jungle…

A good friend of mine kept insisting I go to this metal burlesque event that takes place every month, and every month since then I’ve tried to make it work with my schedule (weeknights are rough for me). The Facebook event describes it as being transported to a “grimy 90s strip club” which piqued my interest,  I am a self-proclaimed 90s nerd after all. I also saw it referred to as “slut church” by several regulars of the event. Despite some scheduling conflicts, other friends backing out, and unexpected financial woes, I insisted on attending this event on Tuesday May 30th.

The Facebook description was correct; the upstairs bar at The Raven Lounge feels exactly like a grimy strip club, but it’s full of friendly faces and kick ass metal spun by DJ Corporate Jesus. The set list was packed with Tool, Guns N Roses, Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, System of a Down, Ghost, Nine Inch Nails, and of course SLAYER.

The opening act by Kitana Hoops warmed the crowd up. The beers began flowing and dollars started flying as Kitana owned Raven’s intimate, stripper pole adorned stage. Kitana has some seriously impressive hoola hoop moves and she dazzled with her light up hoop. A number set to one of the heavier tracks from Slipknot’s Iowa record was unexpected but appreciated, though the real show stopper saw Kitana don a Nun outfit to the tune of Ghost’s “Ritual”, complete with branded panties in celebration of everyone’s favorite Swedish Satanists. Impressive in both concept and execution.

I have to admit that I was completely mesmerized by Renee Rebelle, who slowly teased the crowd with her sultry moves before slamming into action causing the audience to scream and cheer. She is a true professional. I can’t even fathom the amount of muscle, practice and skill that goes into her act. Renee later emerged in a black scorpion costume, complete with a venom spitting tail, writhing suggestively to immortal Slayer banger “South of Heaven”. If I wasn’t  in love before, I definitely was then.

Last but not least was Honeytree Evileye, the co-creator of 6Sex6 (with the help of Ryan D J Ha). Honeytree caught my attention prior to 6Sex6 with the brilliant promotion of her event “PandaBitch”, which I unfortunately couldn’t attend. She is clearly someone to watch out for in the burlesque community and in event promotion and production in general.  Her performance didn’t disappoint. Honeytree danced and crawled her way all over the stage, the bar, and the floor. She didn’t shy away from intimate moments with the crowd (myself included but I was probably the most shy person there), and brought the house down with a triple shot of back to back Marilyn Manson classics (Sweet Dreams, Antichrist Superstar and The Beautiful People). Honeytree wanted to use us, and all of us wanted to be abused.

If you like metal, skillful go-go dancing and a friendly, enthusiastic and totally game crowd then this is event is a must. Even though this is the type of thing I’d love to keep secret and all for myself, I can’t help but gush to whatever fellow metal/punk/goth/whatever weirdo who’ll listen about what an amazing time I had. I am converted and plan to make this a priority on my schedule.

6Sex6 is the last Tuesday of every month upstairs at The Raven Lounge (17th & Sansom). The next one is June 27th.


*note these photos were pulled from Facebook and were not taken at the event


Megan Hawkey is the co-founder of Riot-Nerd. She is a 34-year-old concert photographer. She lives in Fishtown with her supportive husband and their 2 rescued Pitbull mixes.

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