PS4 Slim leaks onto Internet

Not so slim, really
Over the past few days the video gaming internet’s hearts have been all a flutter with visions of the rumored but yet to be formally announced Slim PS4. This morning the Twitter homies at @gamesyouloved (check them out, they’re awesome) have unearthed the best pics yet of the latest “thing you already have but slightly different so buy another one”.


Eschewing the glory days of the NES Top Loader and the PSOne, the slim PS4 follows the recently released slim Xbox One’s lead of, well, not really being that much smaller. The rounded edges kinda bum me out too, I like a pointy PlayStation.

Unlike the new-ish Xbox this slim PS4 hasn’t been reported to have any (however incidental) extra processing power on board. Keep in mind that whatever the hell the most likely backwards compatible PS Neo is supposed to be is still scheduled to be unveiled this fall, alongside the equally conceptually nebulous Xbox Scorpio.

Yes, this is some 32X shit all over again, and it’s looking like Microsoft is going to be the Sega in this situation, given that the Neo is only rumored to be a necessary upgrade for VR early adopters. For these new slim consoles, completists and collectors need only apply.


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