Preview: Veruca Salt – Ghost Notes

"She’s the flame and I'm the glow"

The reunion of Veruca Salt’s original lineup (Nina Gordon, Louise Post, Steve Lack, and Jim Shapiro) may not be news to you, but I’m willing to bet the release of their album is. The band’s first album in 18 years (not counting the Post’s version of Veruca Salt after Gordon’s split from the band) is interestingly titled Ghost Notes (a nod to the unreleased track “Hey Little Ghost” perhaps?) and is scheduled for release on July 10th. The album was produced by Brad Wood, who also helmed the 90’s staple American Thighs. Ghost Notes is available for pre-order on ITunes or on PledgeMusic. 

Pre-ordering the album lets you snag 2 tracks early: “The Gospel According to Saint Me” and “Laughing in the Sugar Bowl.” The songs sound like a tighter, smoother, more produced version of their band’s previous albums, but these are Veruca Salt songs through and through.   “Gospel…” has the catchiness you’d expect from a Gordon song while “…Sugar Bowl” has the slightly harder sound we’ve come to expect from Post.

Preview: Veruca Salt - Ghost Notes

I can tell you from personal experience that Veruca Salt is at their best when they are performing live. Their sound is heavier and more distorted, and it’s incredible how well these ladies can harmonize.  If you do nothing else with the news of the bands’ reunion, I hope it’s that you catch them live. We were lucky enough attend their show at the TLA here in Philly last summer and they sounded amazing and played a thoroughly comprehensive and crowd pleasing set, probably the best of any 90’s revival act we’ve seen lately (looking at you, Billy “won’t play the hits” Corgan). We’ll be at the New York date this year and we’re sure it’ll be well worth the trip.

Upcoming Tour Dates:

July 8—Soda Bar—San Diego, California

July 10—Slim’s—San Francisco, California

July 11—El Rey—Los Angeles, California

July 21— Mercy Lounge—Nashville, Tennessee

July 22—The Ready Room— St. Louis, Missouri

July 23—The Cedar— Minneapolis, Minneapolis

July 25—Wicker Park Fest—Chicago, Illinois

July 28—Lee’s Palace— Toronto, Ontario

July 30—Paradise— Boston, Massachusetts

July 31—Webster Hall—New York, New York

August 19:30 Club— Washington, D.C.


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