Preview: Oathbreaker – Rheia

“Don’t make me pity you in the end.”

Belgian blackened post hardcore foursome Oathbreaker stake their claim in a crowded upcoming fall record release season with their third LP on Deathwish, “Rheia”, readying a unique approach perfectly suited to earlier sunsets and howling winds. Lead single/video “10:56” / “Second Son of R.” has been turning a ton of (metal) heads since it dropped online last week. Caro Tanghe is seemingly placid though menacing with a funereal dirge in the Chelsea Wolfe mold, before guitarist Lennart Bossu, bassist Gilles Demolder and drummer Ivo Debrabandere rip into a seething, Deafheaven-esque assault of blast beating and speed picking, Tanghe’s attack mutating into a screech to wake the dead just long enough to kill them again.

Oathbreaker previously unleashed “Needles In Your Skin”, led by a more mellow instrumental accompaniment to Tanghe’s tortured wails, before all hell breaks loose, this time anchored by a soaring melodic thrash riff, powerfully hammering home the anguish and despair in the vocal delivery.

Rheia is out on 9/23 from Deathwish and they’ll be at Underground Arts on 10/26 with Skeletonwitch, Iron Reagan and Homewrecker.


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