Preview: Jersey Tech Death Heroes COGNITIVE Ready 2nd LP “Deformity”

“Birthing’ on 10/28…

Jersey devils Cognitive know a thing or two about creating nightmarish landscapes, their 2014 self-titled debut LP fostering a math-y technical sonic mindfuck nightmare that put their name on the tips of many a brutal death fan’s tongue and gave us east coast freaks a reason to shed a tear and beam with pride. The garden state five piece returns this fall with the highly anticipated follow up, “Deformity”, and for the first video from the upcoming disc they’ve taken to their own creep-tatsic back yard, the fabled jersey pine barrens, where aside from the well-publicized urban legends, there always looks to be some Evil Dead / Last House on the Left shit ready to pop off. Don’t go into the woods, indeed…

Deformity” drops on 10/28, and Cognitive will be at Kung Fu Necktie on 10/20 with Ultramantis Black, Disgorgement , and Dull Knives.


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