Preview – Ghost – Meliora

From the pinnacle to the pit…

It’s no secret, especially to those of you who follow us on Twitter and are probably sick of this shit by now, that we’re big fans of Ghost, the theatrical retro death rockers from Sweden by way of kayfabe Rome, and are therefore super stoked for their third record Meliora, due out on August 21st via Loma Vista Recordings.

Preview – Ghost – MelioraDig the Metropolis homage…

As is tradition now, Ghost (known as Ghost BC here in America due to licensing reasons) have anointed another lead vocalist to replace the last, just as Papa Emeritus II replaced the original Papa Emeritus prior to the release of their second record Infestissumam in 2013, Papa Emeritus II was succeeded by Papa Emeritus III in an impromptu ceremony on June 3rd followed by the band’s first official gig debuting new material at the famous Doom Nightclub in Ghost’s hometown Linkoping, Sweden.

Preview – Ghost – Meliora

Preview – Ghost – MelioraVia Ghost’s official Instagram.

For those of us not lucky enough to live in (one of) the Metal capitals of the world, Metal Sucks reader Marcus L. was kind enough to provide them (and us) with the photo at the top of this page, of the torch being passed from Papa II to his “three month younger brother” (not sure how THAT works, Grandpa Emeritus must have an Immortan Joe thing going on), Papa III. Visually Papa III’s mask seems to split the difference between old man Papa I and menacing, slightly younger Papa II, with softer, rounder features overall. The show also marked the live debut of the Nameless Ghouls’ new horned masks, first seen in the band’s strange commercial that apparently aired late at night on VH1 Classic.



The band played four new songs at the show and Youtube user hoeglind did all of us “members of the clergy” a huge favor and uploaded videos of the 3 never before heard tracks, in addition to the previously released first single “Cirice”.

Preview – Ghost – MelioraMore like Clarice, right? That can’t be a coincidence…




We liked “Cirice” a lot when we heard the studio version and the song kicks even more ass live. Love the doom-y, foreboding intro and the rollicking stomp of the verses. Awesome that the hometown crowd already knew all the words too.



“From the Pinnacle to the Pit” was the song previously heard in snippet form at the end of the aforementioned late night commercial. Really enjoying the riff on this one, driving beat and the super catchy bridge. Badass solo too.



“Majesty” definitely brings the classic rock arena vibe, sounding like a lost Journey or Kansas track from hell. Again, catchy as fuck. You can say what you want about all the gimmicks and theatricality these guys employ but at the end of the day they can write their asses off.



Lastly we have “Absolution”, probably the heaviest of the new tracks revealed so far, with a main riff similar to Metallica classic “Of Wolf and Man”, but not without the required unorthodox Ghost trademarks, including a Baba O’Reilly-esque keyboard solo near the end.


Ghost have definitely put their money where their mouth is in regards to a Nameless Ghoul’s previous interview claim that this record would be heavier than their last, eschewing that majority of the prog and glam elements found on Infestissumam for the classic metal attack of debut record Opus Eponymous. This was definitely the way to go, while I’m absolutely a fan of Infestissumam’s psychedelic weirdness and still listen to the whole record often, Opus Eponymous is the stone cold classic, and more of that can never be a bad thing. This direction has me not only anticipating but frothing at the mouth for the new record, and praying (to the devil, of course, his power is the greatest one) that the band’s rumored September 26th  concert date here in Philadelphia is true.


Ghost’s Meliora drops August 21st on Loma Vista Recordings


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