Netflix confirms Stranger Things Season 2

Life to get flip turned “upside down” again in “2017”

Sure to set the internet ablaze today like famous sociopath Chris Brown having a Mexican standoff against Police right inside Kim Kardashian’s giant ass, Netflix has quietly dropped a teaser trailer for the second season of current official best thing ever Stranger Things. The teaser takes the form of the series’ beloved opening sequence, seemingly revealing season two episode names (“The Boy Who Came Back To Life”, “The Secret Cabin” and “The Lost Brother” sound particularly interesting) and revealing the words “Season Two” in the place of the series’ now iconic logo. “Fall of 1984” is revealed as the place setting (roughly an in-universe year after the first season) with a vague premiere date of “2017” (we’re hoping earlier than later).

The series has been universally lauded by just about everyone and anyone who’s seen any of it, creators The Duffer Brothers reportedly have a 30 page document fully explaining the nature of the mysterious “Upside Down” alternate dimension, a concept which they barely scratched the surface of in the first season, and when interviewed, both the adult and teen cast members have expressed highly enthusiastic interest in returning to the characters. So hopefully when “The Adventure Continues” it won’t be a new cast, but continue with Eleven and the gang digging deeper into the chilling mysteries of the fictional Hawkins, Indiana.

Check out the full video below.

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