Misfits Reunion Roundup

You’re really gonna like it in ’16.

The highly anticipated Misfits reunion, featuring Jerry Only, Doyle and of course Glenn Danzig back together for the first time in 33 years, joined by journeyman guitarist Acey Slade (Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Murderdolls) and freakin’ Dave Lombardo of all people on drums, went off this at Sunday at the Riot Fest in Denver not only without a hitch, but was a joyously, almost religious experience for both band (Danzig sounding better and even looking slimmer than he has in years) and audience that can’t help but warm the soul of anyone (hell, everyone) who’s connected with this band over their near 40 year history. Heroic Youtuber The Antidoto99 has uploaded damn near the whole set and bless his black heart, the proof is right there in the footage:

Post show, Only spoke with Rolling Stone about the resurrected death rock legends’ future: “I want it to continue. I know Doyle wants it to continue. I know Glenn wants it to continue. We just have to be big enough people to make it continue. And that’s where we’re at. Whatever it takes. We’re going into our 40th anniversary so the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Eventually, Doyle’s got to write a new album; I’ve got to write a new album; Glenn’s got to write a new album. Why don’t we work together and make the greatest album ever?”.

Of course the internet backlash has already risen in response to that like its own Return of The Fly (with Vincent Price) but I say, more power to them. Danzig practically released a new Misfits track last year and it was the absolute highlight of his covers disc “Skeletons”, and Only and especially Doyle obviously still have the chops. Of course a full scale tour is what most both casual and diehard fiends are clamoring for, and hey, Metallica’s gonna be looking for a high profile opening act when they start filling US stadiums early next year. That’s a show I could definitely die (die, die, my darling) happy on the way home from. We here at Riot Nerd remain, as always, cautiously optimistic.

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