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Local Spotlight is a monthly feature where we showcase and support talented musical acts from Philadelphia and the surrounding areas.

Local alternative rockers The One2s are comprised by Leiana, Sean, Jay and Tom. They manage to stand out amongst the many artists in the area by bringing straight rock and roll, which is why they were chosen to be part of our first Local Spotlight.

Sean and Leiana’s voices lend themselves to each other perfectly on songs like “Pop the Ripper.” Their sound is layered, and has catchy melodic rhythms that remind me of the 90’s rock I grew up with and adore to this day.  

If you dig their sound as much as I do, support your local music scene by purchasing an EP and checking them out live.  Their EPS The One2s and EP 2 are available on Amazon and ITunes


The One2s at Notrhstar 12.2015

We had the chance to talk to The One2s about how they came to be and where they are headed.

What does the name The One2s mean?

The name The One2s came from Sean making fun of Leiana during sound checks when he played guitar in her previous band. She always says “check one two hey hey hey check one two.”

How did you meet?

Jay and Sean have played in bands together in the past. Sean met Leiana through her drummer at the time as they needed a guitar player. So The One2s is actually the melding of 2 bands. Leiana and Sean dropped their other projects and formed this one and Tom came from Craigslist… hopefully he doesn’t murder us.

Who were some of your current and/or past influences?

So many influences but to name a few: The Pixies, My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth, Joy Division, The Cure, Nirvana, The Deftones, Metallica, Quicksand, Ween, Faith No More, and Dinosaur Junior.

How does each member shape your sound?

Well for the last 2 Eps Sean has been the sole writer as well as the Producer. The music that we are working on now is a band effort. So as of now, Jay provides a solid beat while Leiana has been experimenting with more effects on the bass to make things more interesting. Tom is more of the aggressive side of things, but also has a talent for arrangement.  Sean fills in the blanks as well as writing the lyrics and vocal melodies in collaboration with Leiana. We have many textures to choose from with everyone’s voice being heard on the newer material.

How do you decide who will sing on each song?

Sean will usually come up with the melody and sing a scratch track.  After that Leiana will sing and then we fight for a week about who should sing [laughs].  Actually, the songs just lend themselves to who should sing them. They take on different meaning depending on who’s singing so it’s very interesting for us to experiment.

It can be difficult for a local band to stand out, how do you approach this?

It is extremely hard to stand out amongst the many talented artists in Philadelphia. We honestly don’t know how to stand out other than playing the best we can on any given night.

What are your goals or vision for the future of the band?

We want to do a documentary on recording in studios across the United States and have it aired on HBO. Then have the Foo Fighters open up for us. That is obtainable, right?

Where can we see you guys perform next?

At Bourbon & Branch in Philadelphia on April 27th. Doors open at 7pm.




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