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Local Spotlight is a monthly feature where we showcase and support talented musical acts from Philadelphia and the surrounding areas.

Nobody yet is a pop punk trio from Philadelphia. The band has gone through many lineup changes but Joe (lead vocals and guitar) and Matt (drums and backing vocals) have been together since their first full-length album in 2012. Kevin (bass) joined the band a few months ago. They have released an EP, full-length CD, and they are working on their next record. They have played on Warped Tour, performed live on Radio 104.5, shared the stage with bands like Cartel, Valencia and Hawthorne Heights and they were featured in Alternative Press magazine (issue #300 “special selection”).

The bands image and sound is concise and their vision is clear, which is pretty impressive for a band that has been together for such a short amount of time. Their songs are hooky, vibrant and powerful. But don’t take it from me – check out their video at the end of this article.


Nobody Yet


We got to speak with the lead singer/guitarist Joe Humeas about the band history, Philly music scene and goals for the future.

How did you come up with the band name?

Years ago someone asked what our name was and we didn’t have a band name yet. So I responded, “Nobody Yet”. Somehow it stuck.

Who writes your songs and what are they about?

I write all of the lyrics and chord progressions, and I present them to the band so we can change or add to them. I like to write about events that happen in my life, or subjects that I feel strongly about. Sometimes I meet someone who strikes up an idea, and other times I decide to write about my love for music and how “You’ll Have To Kill Me First” before I give up on this dream.

Who are your musical influences?

I was brought up on the Beatles, but I take a ton of influence from Green Day, Fall Out Boy, the first Panic! record, Pierce The Veil, Bayside, Coheed and Cambria, and anything Kidz Bop.

You recently covered “Can’t Hold Us” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Do you like doing covers?

We certainly prefer to play our original music but we do often put a cover song in our live set. Covers are fun, especially when we are able to make it our own. We love listening to those “Punk Goes… ” records and we’re huge fans of New Found Glory and Four Year Strong’s cover albums.

Philadelphia was just named the #1 for our underground punk music scene by HypeBot.com; do you think being from Philadelphia has helped your career or is it difficult to stand out in the large underground scene?

Philadelphia has a ton of venues, so that is extremely helpful. With such a large scene, we’ve been exposed to more people, so I think that has been helpful. I grew up in West Virginia and there is a very small scene there, so I think it would’ve been more difficult to reach a larger audience. The City of Philadelphia itself however has been a little tricky for our style because we don’t necessarily fit in at many of the venues. Luckily many venues cater to many different genres, but we honestly often look outside of Philly because we prefer to play at all ages venues as opposed to 21+ bars where we don’t feel like the music is the sole reason that people are coming out.

It’s not easy to stand out, but we strive to give the biggest live show we can, which is not only fun as hell for us, but has definitely caught the attention of fans. We also promote our band a ton (flyers, Facebook, etc) and basically just put it out there everywhere we can so no one misses it.

What has been the most exciting thing that has happened in the bands career so far?

I remember the day when I said to myself, “I’m finally playing on Warped Tour.” It is any musician’s dream to play that, so that was really huge. Playing on a big stage with Cartel was up there as well, but I think ultimately, the best feeling I’ve ever felt in this band was when fans in Newtown, CT sang our lyrics so loud that I couldn’t hear myself. To have gained a fan base 170 miles away that knew every word to our songs was the best feeling in the world.

What are your goals for the future of the band?

Right now we are writing a new record and we hope to have it released followed with constant touring. We plan on releasing more music videos too. Our goal isn’t to get rich off of this; our goal is to get to a point where we are playing shows every night to fans that are there to sing our songs.

Where can we see you live next?

We are booking a few local shows as well as a show in Newark, NJ and Dewey Beach, DE. We also have a Boston date set this summer, and we are always looking to book more. Hopefully we’ll be heading down south in the near future as well. All of our current tour dates can be seen on Facebook or website.






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