Local Spotlight: Escape Room South Jersey

“Valhalla, I am calling!”

Just over the bridge from Philly in Collingswood, NJ is one of the most well conceptualized and executed themed attractions we’ve been able to enjoy locally. When you think of Escape Rooms, it usually calls to mind some dank basement, trading authenticity for safety and customer service and touting some overwrought, Saw type horror theming, but Escape Room South Jersey eschews those tired clichés to provide a no less immersive but much more satisfying and unique experience.

ERSJ offers two highly detailed environments to choose from, the Russian 70’s spy caper “The American Embassy”, and the nerdier of the two, which was of course our choice, a lovingly recreated 80’s video store bestowed the epic mantle of “Video Valhalla”. Without spoiling anything, the fun of teaming up with friends to tackle the various cerebral challenges and puzzles is supremely fun and satisfying, but the real pleasure in VH is the exhaustive detail the ERSJ team has put into its slavish rendition of a late 80’s/early 90’s video store. For anyone who worked, hung out or just shopped in one of these dearly departed retail meccas, it’s an absolute treat.




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