GIVEAWAY! Sleigh Bells at Union Transfer 9/12

“Instinct takes over, instinct commands us…”

Noise rock titans Sleigh Bells found themselves in the news recently, suing former Disney drone Demi Lovato for her recent, clear, let’s say “appropriation” of their classic “Infinity Guitars”. Lead single “Rule Number One” off of SB’s upcoming, awesomely titled new record “Jessica Rabbit” even mentions “ripping down stars”, “Stars” being the name of Lovato’s soulless “Infinity Guitars” rip off. Who’s “cool for the summer” now? Sleigh Bells bring their victory lap through Union Transfer on September 12th.

Tickets are surprisingly still available, but you can also visit us on Facebook for a chance to win two passes to the show! Either way, don’t sleep on this one. The experimental pop duo’s crunchy, thumping attack is bound to impress in UT’s state of the art acoustics and the show and is sure to sell out by the day of.


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