Friday the 13th Midnight Movie at the Roxy

Graveyard Shift

The Roxy Theater at 20th & Sansom shows a movie at midnight each month that they called “Graveyard Shift.” They will be showing the 35mm version of the 1963 cult favorite Black Sabbath written and directed by Mario Bava on Friday March 13th and Saturday March 14th. Black Sabbath is an anthology consisting of 3 horror stories: The Telephone, The Drop of Water, and The Wurdalak. Tickets are $10 (tickets for members of the Philadelphia Film Society are $8).

We feel strongly that small theaters like the Roxy should be supported by movie fans. They need our support to keep their doors open in these increasingly digital times. So whether you see a “Graveyard Shift” flick or something more recent, you should definitely make your way over to the quaint and recently renovated theater.

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