Captain America: Civil War blooper reel shows set atmosphere was anything but hell

Also: Thor enjoys “me-time” away from the gang in Australia

War, what is it good for? Palling around with your best mates for a few months and making it look like gold onscreen, apparently. If you thought the real life cast members’ attitudes in summer superhero punch up masterpiece Captain America: Civil War would be as somber as their larger than life filmic counterparts then you’d be just as wrong as Cap thought Tony was to side with General Ross after the Sokovia disaster. If that last sentence made any sense to you whatsoever, check out the video below, set to be a special feature on the upcoming Blu Ray. I can only imagine what life was like on the set of Batman V Superman or Suicide Squad, probably sobbing uncontrollably while listening to old Smiths records and trying to figure out who else’s mother’s name might be Martha for an excuse to stop hating each other. Maybe if the DC camp could learn to smile once in a while they could also make a movie that was, you know, good.

So where was Thor during Cap and Tony’s little spat? Turns out, he was in Austrailia, taking up an apartment with a regular dude, having periodic meetings with Bruce Banner about the big guy’s spontaneous “cut-offs” problem and getting the little niggling conspiracies about Marvel’s shared universe all ironed out, like if “Nick Furry” is as smart as he thinks he is and why that “big purple guy” (AKA Thanos) never stands up. The Thor movies have been some of the most divisive in the Marvel canon but if this hilarious tidbit is any indication of the “Guardians of the Galaxy” -esque humorous direction the third installment is rumored to be headed in, Marvel’s gonna have another frost giant sized hit on their hands.

Captain America: Civil War hits Blu Ray on 9/13.


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