Blackened perfectionists Behemoth set to record new record in 2017

For they are continual.

Approaching the end of a nearly three year touring cycle in support of modern masterpiece “The Satanist”, blackened death titans Behemoth have set their sights on 2017 as the time to record the follow up, according to an interview skyscraping bassist Orion gave to Planet Mosh earlier this month at the Bloodstock Open Air Festival in the UK. Per one third of the polish juggernaut, some song and riff ideas have already started to take form, but of course given the band’s perfectionist nature, just because they’re recording next year doesn’t mean we’ll actually hear anything that soon. Recalling the troubled production of “The Satanist’, Orion states: “we’re mixing the album, and right at the very end, we decided that we had to mix it all again. We had tours planned, we had a release date and we canceled everything. We just found ourselves in a situation where we were not entirely happy with what we had. So we found another person to produce it and we started the whole work again”. If that’s what it takes to produce a work as monumental as “The Satanist” though, I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait.

Check out the whole interview below.


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