50 Shades Of Who The Fuck Cares?

Not us.


50 Shades of Grey dominated the box office this Valentine’s Day weekend. It seems that people either love or hate this trilogy and the controversy continues now that the movie has been released. I will admit, I read the first book out of curiosity and what you’ve heard is true; it’s a poorly written love story about a sado-masochistic relationship that straddles the line between sexy and abusive. The main characters aren’t likable or relatable and the situations they find themselves in are farcical.

The book served its purpose I suppose; I read it (while rolling my eyes) before bed and it coerced me to sleep for a few nights. I will admit there are a few parts of the book that were actually erotic, but it still​ annoyed me enough to decline reading the second installment. It was mindless entertainment. If I wanted to read a well-written book, I wouldn’t read something that started as Twilight fan fiction, I’d probably just check the erotic section of the bookstore. ​

If I ever end up watching the film, my prediction is that it will end the same way my attempt to watch Magic Mike did. It’ll be evening when I am up late, my husband is asleep and after drinking a few glasses of wine I’ll have the bright idea to watch a chick flick on Netflix or HBO and I’ll be bored enough to turn it off 30-45 minutes into it.

​Or maybe my tipsy self will just be smart enough to re-watch The Secretary instead.

That being said, I don’t see what the big fuss is about 50 Shades. Sure a popular novel and movie about sadism might upset bible thumpers and possibly even some feminists, but these aren’t the only people with strong opinions on this novel and to these people I have to ask: who cares?


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