[RECAP] Mac Sabbath at Underground Arts 3/23/16

"I can't believe it's not Butler!"
The very concept of a Mac Sabbath sounds like a tossed off one liner from Metalocalyse or Aqua Teen Hunger Force, but the four piece LA “Drive Thru Metal” troublemakers who gained serious viral attention last year after their unhinged cover of metal legends Black Sabbath‘s “Iron Man” (rechristened “Frying Pan” by “Ronald Osbourne” and Co.) hit YouTube are very, very real, and pounded the audience flat like so many all beef patties at Underground Arts last Wednesday.

Following a DJ set of psychedelic/doom stompers (anchored by a rousing crowd sing-a-long of Ozzy classic “Mr Crowley) by local artist and Hound mainman Perry Shall, the red and yellow striped curtain dropped to the floor and the Happy Meal horror show came to a head, the band erupting into “More Ribs”, a loving ode to the enigmatic McRib set to Sabbath anthem “War Pigs”.

Frontman Ronald Osbourne makes for a hilariously clapping and dancing Ozzy stand-in, introducing the crowd to his merry co-workers, guitarist Slayer McCheese, bassist GrimAlice and The Cat Burglar on drums, a Hamburglar decked out in KISS Cat-Man make up, AKA Peter Criss-Cut Fries. The foursome rocked a rapturous, sold out Underground Arts with their grease fried renditions of Sabbath standards, culminating in a stage diving, giant inflatable burger tossing spaz-tastic freakout party to their “Paranoid” riff, “Pair-a-buns”.

The problem with most musical comedy is that it’s not particularly funny or that sonically impressive. Mac Sabbath would be interesting for about five minutes if they weren’t such an amazingly tight and deft Sabbath-alike, and didn’t put so much craft and care into their GWAR-esque visual presentation and overall whacked out bad burger acid trip mythology. As it is, the crowd joyously ate up every empty calorie the band threw at them, and would’ve continued to be entertained all night if possible, or at least until morning came and the menus changed.

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Photos by Megan Hawkey, Words by Kevin Hawkey

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